Why You Should Steal a Restorative 5 Minutes For Yourself, Even When it Feels Impossible


Right now, many of us are facing overwhelming challenges. Adjusting to new parenthood, maintaining our relationships, balancing work and home life, and trying to manage everything else can be exhausting and bittersweet. 

Parenting can feel isolating and difficult. Our relationships with our partners might feel like they're under a pressure cooker, as we're expected to be everything for each other: best friend, lover, co-parent, housekeeper, chef, billpayer, therapist, and more.

Working from home can feel like living at work, and financial insecurities only add to the stress. Summer breaks without the usual activities can make us wonder how to keep our children active, safe, and happy.

Many of us take on too much, giving everything we have to everyone else. We know that to keep giving, we need to give to ourselves first. But who’s got the time?

Stealing even just five minutes for ourselves can make a significant difference. Small actions often reap benefits that can make or break our day. Let’s explore why taking little breaks each day is essential and how it can help.

THREE REASONS WHY You Need to Take Little Breaks Each Day:

  1. Breaks Improve Memory and Learning

When you're overloaded, you’re more likely to lose your keys or forget answers to questions. You might have your best ideas in the shower, find solutions during a walk, or remember something important just as you're about to sleep.

While sleep is crucial for memory and learning, "waking rest" is also beneficial. Taking breaks allows our brains to process memories effectively and makes room for creative thoughts to surface.

  1. Breaks Prevent Decision Fatigue

Ever felt overwhelmed by a simple question like “What’s for dinner?” Constant decision-making drains mental energy, even if you don’t feel physically tired. Willpower and reasoning can diminish, leading to impulsive choices or frustration.

Brief breaks refresh our minds, helping us make better decisions, no matter how big or small.

  1. Breaks Restore Our Motivation to Pursue Longer-Term Goals

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” This reminds us to pace ourselves. Marathon runners slow down at points, take water breaks, and monitor their needs. They know they can’t sustain progress without these moments.

The same applies to us. Whether it's long-term weight loss, career changes, saving for a new home, or building a successful marriage, taking mental breaks helps us avoid burnout and stay motivated.


Sometimes, the breaks we choose can further drain our energy. Drinking too much coffee, venting about problems, or choosing unhealthy snacks can exacerbate fatigue. These choices don’t address the root problem and are often made when we’re already feeling wiped out.

Instead, take moments for yourself before reaching exhaustion and choose activities that replenish you. These small, mindful breaks can help you maintain your well-being and continue giving your best to those you love.

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