What Covid Has Taught Me About Having Hard Adult Conversations

In our relationships, there’s a lot of things we tend to not ask, just so we don’t stir the pot. 

But covid has taught us that it’s imperative to ask awkward questions: 

“Do you mind wearing a mask?” “Could you stay 6 feet away please?” “Who are you exposed to on a regular basis?” “What is our plan for if one of us tests positive?” “When was the last time you were tested?”

Regardless of our belief in science or not, regardless of whether we’ve tested positive or not, regardless of our level o…

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My #1 Sex Tip for Busy, Exhausted Couples Seems Really Unsexy ...Until You Try It

Remember the good old days when you and your partner were just dating and your sex life was hot?  Back when it just seemed to happen spontaneously without too much effort?  

Ah, yes, the days before life got so busy with babies and kids and taking on more responsibility in our careers and taking care of our aging parents. 

Back then, it seemed like all the fun parts of a relationship--the butterflies, the romance, the mystery, the bedroom activity--just happened spontaneously or with little ef…

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Why You Need to Prioritize Your Partner Even After Baby

It’s almost instinctive for parents--mothers especially--to put their children first.  

It’s so ingrained in us that it sounds shocking to say that maybe they shouldn’t always be the first priority. Without a solid explanation for what we mean by it, it sounds selfish, and negligent….it sounds like bad parenting.

But when you dig deeper, you begin to see how taking care of yourself first--like I talked about in last week’s post--makes sense. That’s a cause we can rally behind. All moms nee…

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