Less Stress & Guilt. More Joy & Ease.

  • Do you get easily irritated, anxious, and/or overwhelmed at the simplest things?

  • Do you feel like all the other moms seem to have it all together?

  • Does it seem like no one understands what you’re going through?

  • Do you feel guilty because you have such a beautiful and good baby, but still feel like crap?

  • Do you feel that you are so lucky and that you should just snap out these feelings?

  • Do you find yourself asking WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Believe me, I know that having a baby changes everything! I know that you can beat yourself up because you do not understand why it is so hard.  I know that even though you may have longed for a baby it seems that the fatigue and utter exhaustion have the better of you. I know that you may feel so anxious and unsure of everything you do when it comes to taking care of your baby.  I know what it is to feel sad about the change in your relationship with your partner, but also angry because your partner does not seem to be trying to help you out.  I also know the feeling that your identity as a woman will forever be in sweats, a t-shirt, and ponytail.  Being a mom can be so very overwhelming, can cause anxiety when you never experienced it before, and can increase your level of self-doubt. 


I love to work with moms to help them with finding out who they are as a mother and to stop the comparison to every other mom.  I help them to increase their confidence and embrace motherhood. We work on not letting anxiety and fear get the better of her.  I also help moms find the balance between home/work/life or at least to deal with the guilt that sometimes everything just can't be in balance, learn to cut themselves some slack, and start enjoying motherhood more!!!

If you are interested in enjoying this part of your life, please call or email today for a free 20 minute phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.  Or, consider joining us for my newest class, "Finding Your Calm as a Momma".