The Best 6 Ways to Find Your Purpose After Becoming A First-Time Mother


I hear from mothers all the time about succumbing to the pressure of becoming a supermom to the point that they end up losing their identity in the process. We are busy giving our children the utmost care, we worry whether we are doing a good job, doubt ourselves and the choices we make and all of our focus ends up revolving around what we're doing instead of how we’re feeling and the relationships we’re building.

Remember, your baby isn’t the absolute center of your world, but rather a part of your world. When you focus on balancing your own needs along with those of your partner and your child-you’re on track to finding your purpose.

If you’re a parent having a hard time finding your true purpose, I would love it if you’d check out the article I wrote for the website Smart Mommies The Best 6 Way To Find Your Purpose After Becoming A First-Time Mother. Share with us how you rediscover your sense of self in motherhood in the comments below.


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