Self-Care vs. Caring for Yourself


I am tired of self-care being shoved at women as one more thing to find the time and manage to do for themselves.  

I want to reframe self-care as a compassionate kindness and necessity.

Self-care, as it is sold to us, is not sustainable. When something is not sustainable an inevitable struggle to maintain consistency occurs. 

I struggle with making the time, space and room for self-care. I understand when people say that they don’t have any time because I put myself on the end of the list, the back-burner as well. 

Intellectually and in practice, I know that you don’t have time to NOT take care of yourself. When you don’t prioritize your own needs, you will pay for it later with time spent on re-correcting the deficit that neglect brings forward.  You need to do small things for yourself.

Reframe your perspective around self-care and remind yourself to simply care. Care for yourself the way you care for others.

In order to thrive instead of simply survive, caring for yourself is necessary.

In the beginning of mommahood, we lose our connection to self because our priority is sustaining the life of our tiny human. But, by the time that little life can sustain itself, we have abandoned ourselves. 

Prioritize finding the space and the time to reconnect with yourself, in ways that you deserve.

A few fast and easy reminders: 

Take space to breathe and transition to the next thing. 

Check in with your body and ask yourself, “What do I need?”

Find a few minutes to rest yourself and then resume life.

Take three deep breaths

Centre yourself

Don’t stand between yourself and your needs

Speak your needs

Honor your need for rest

Remember that you do not always have to be doing something

If you are lost about where to start in caring for yourself, let me know. My Calm By Design Course and Collective is here to help you get on your way.

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