Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom Podcast Appearance


I recently had the opportunity to chat with Kristen Wheeler at The Supermom Wannabe Podcast about all the things no one told us before entering new motherhood.

The conversation started with why I gave up trying to be a Supermom and opted to be Batmom (check out the Chapter 7 in my book for the full explanation).

Kristen was so easy to talk to and I love the way she normalizes how difficult it is to be a parent. Like me, she loves finding the humor in life, black coffee and dry shampoo.   

Don't have to take my word for it:  Check out the interview here and listen in as I share about how bringing home a baby can affect yourself, your relationship, and the entire extended family.

Most importantly, listen for my three top questions you need to be asking yourself on a regular basis in order to maintain healthy relationships with our partner.

 The episode is LIVE on all podcast platforms, and at Episode 113: What They Don’t Tell You About Marriage After Having Kids, with Catherine O’Brien.

Check out more from Kristen on her website, Supermom Podcast and subscribe to her podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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