Q&A with the authors of Happy With Baby: Catherine O'Brien and her husband/co-author Rick Heyer


Catherine and Rick have been teaming up for over 10 years to guide, encourage and support new and expecting parents in their popular workshop, Mine Yours, Our: Relationship Survival Guide to Baby’s 1st Year and recently co-authored their book, Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice when Partners Become Parents.

They sat down for a conversation in our Happy With Baby Community Facebook Group and talked about how boot camp compares to bringing a baby home, postpartum, parenthood, partnership. Of course when two parents sit down their conversation isn’t a conversation without random thoughts and comments about their children.

They share their challenges, including their biggest fight they had at 3am in the morning and how it changed the course of their future communication. They laughed, got serious and shared some serious tips and insight about partnering through parenthood

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