The Forever Question Review


Have you been thinking about having another baby and are not sure if you should take the leap?

After having our son, I clearly remember being totally unsure if we should “risk” having another. He was pretty easy. He started sleeping through the night at 11 months, he ate his vegetables, he was mild-mannered and super social so he actually helped my husband and I meet new friends and our neighbors. He made us laugh and brought a lot of joy to our lives. And laughing is always good.

You can’t get lucky twice right?

We decided to roll the dice. She came and she still doesn't always sleep through the night, will only eat vegetables if she decides that day she likes them, she is wild and silly, and knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t back down. Despite their differences, they are both amazing and I love their uniqueness.

Yes, you can totally get lucky twice.

The Forever Question Set

When I was asked to be a Talk Back Guest at the B Street Theatre for their new play, The Forever Question, by James Christy, I was initially flattered and then intrigued about the play’s premise. It is about a couple who is asking the question about whether or not they should have a second baby.  

My Favorite Date


 I had a plus one, so I took my favorite date, my husband.


First of all this play did not disappoint. At. All. The performances by the actors' Dana Brooke, who plays the mom, Carolyn, and Peter Story, who plays the dad, Mike were phenomenal! They are so talented and engaging and we both laughed out loud throughout the play. Not only did they play the parents, but they also played minor characters in the show, as well. In different scenes, they played each other's parents. They played younger and older versions of themselves. I even almost cried a couple of times but decided I couldn't have my makeup running if I was going to have to get on stage after the show.

I love how the flashback scenes went back to big moments in their lives that had influenced where they were now. They visited first dates, and each other’s “sex talk” with their parents. The play is full of so many relatable scenes.

You should go see this play. You will be sure to laugh. Even my husband, who tends to be the more stoic of the two of us, couldn’t help but laugh. Each connection, smile, and laugh my husband and I shared, upped the ante on the enjoyment factor. We need those moments with our partners. Studies even show that when you laugh with your partner there are increase in your relationship quality. So anytime you have a chance to enjoy each other you should do it.   

And thanks to the B Street Theatre I have 3 chances for you to win some free tickets for you and your best date too. Hop on over to Instagram to check it out.


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