Catherine O'Brien, LMFT featured on PsychCentral & Shares Vital Lessons to Teach Your Kids


Parenting is so hard.  

I think one thing that we become acutely aware of once we become parents is that there’s so much we want to show our kids, teach our kids, about the world, about themselves, about fairness, about love….

In a way, it’s sort of like throwing a bowl of spaghetti at the window and seeing what sticks.

There’s so much they’ll take in. Some of it we’re conscious of and some maybe not so much. And we often can’t predict what makes an impression on them. But, we can be really intentional about teaching the stuff that feels the most foundational and most important to us.


Recently, I had the joy of being interviewed and featured on the PsychCentral blog for a piece called Vital Lessons to Start Teaching Your Kids Really Young—and How to Do it.  


I think this article is a great place to start thinking about the lasting lessons you want to impart on your kids.

And let me just add this:  If this topic fills you with worry that you’re doing it wrong, please don’t stress.  


As I see it, if you’re worried about it, that’s probably a sign that you’re doing your best and that your best is pretty darn good.


(If you feel that your worry is overwhelming, excessive, or is affecting your day-to-day, let’s have a chat. It might be that you’re doing great as a parent and just need some extra tools to manage your stress levels or anxiety. I can help you with that.)


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