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We all know the magical powers of sleep.  And we all know that most of us--no matter who we are or what we do--aren't getting nearly enough. 


We're all just so busy. We're overbooked and overstretched. We give too much. We spend too much time staring at screens, taking in a constant flood of new information.


Our nervous systems are constantly bombarded with things to process and not enough downtime to actually process all the things. This causes wear and tear on our brains and hormones, among other things.  Our immune system take a hit. We don't heal as quickly. Our memory gets wonky. We can't regulate our emotions as well as we usually do. 


There's a whole laundry list of mental and physical health issues that can result from a cumulative lack of quality sleep, from brain fog to depression to heart disease.


I'd be willing to bet that few people know sleep deprivation, exhaustion and fatigue as profoundly as parents do. Especially new parents.


I don't think I've encountered a parent yet that hasn't mentioned at least once that they feel like they could sleep for about a week straight because they're so exhausted. Or, that they're so darn exhausted that they can't sleep at all. 


And while sleep might not be a "magic cure" for postpartum depression or anxiety, it can dramatically improve things by giving your nervous system time for necessary maintenance as well as helping to balance your hormones. 


If you're looking to improve your mood or manage symptoms of depression or anxiety, there are few things that can make such a quick and dramatic impact as sleep.


Now, I can't create more hours in a day so that you can get more sleep (that would be dreamy though, wouldn't it?), but I did discover something that might help you get better quality sleep.


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Do you guys ever have difficulty sleeping?


Hi, I'm Catherine O'Brien at And I'm super excited about this live today because for a long time I've been wanting to do posts about things that I love:  books and products and different things like that. Just things that I've have found making that makes mommying easier. Is that word? Mommying? I think it should be.


But anyways, so then I got this email from this company called Weighting Comforts. And they had asked if I would review and share about their weighted blanket. And I was super excited because I really had been wanting to check out a weighted blanket. I heard really good things about it.


It is thought that the deep pressure, like that pressure from the blanket, the weight of it helps release the those feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. And serotonin and can turn in--I think it is the serotonin, yeah--it can become melatonin like some of it came to become melatonin which really helps you sleep in relax and so that's why the way to blink can be really helpful for anxiety and depression and insomnia and for some restless leg syndrome.


So I was super excited to try it out because as I'm not really somebody that has difficulty falling asleep. In fact, I annoy my husband quite a bit because I can fall asleep almost anywhere. I fall asleep--I can fall asleep in the movie theater, in even like, there's this old movie theater in town--for those of you in the Sacramento area, you know the Tower Theatre. It's like an old theater, the the seats come up to like your shoulder, right.  And so there's nowhere to rest your head and I can totally fall asleep in that theater if I'm tired. Even if it's a good movie, but that's besides the point. But anyway, so I can really fall asleep almost anywhere.


It's the staying asleep piece that can be really hard. In fact, according to my Fitbit I wake up several times a night. Even just kind of like that restless sleep.


So I went ahead and I tried out this weighted blanket, and you guys it was really amazing. So they didn't ask me to say it's one of my favorite things. I'm telling you, it's definitely like one of my new favorite things.


And so now I mean I definitely can fall asleep, but I've been getting like such more sound sleep. Even my Fitbit--that even shows that I'm not waking up as frequently during the night. So I don't know how technical that is or whatever but I find that to be true because I feel like more rested in the morning and stay asleep better.


And it's such a well made product. Like I wasn't sure, you know. They sent it to me and I was like--I wasn't--I feel like sometimes you get those products and they smell weird and stuff like that. It totally came in like this box and it was wrapped nicely. And it's so good and it's so well made, and it has like little--like the little quilts. So there's--gosh, I think I wrote it down, what they put in the quilt. I can't remember. I guess I don't have it but I'll put a link to the blanket in there. You know, so it's like evenly distributed like throughout, so it's definitely--it was a warm blanket.


It's gotten warm here in Sacramento, so I'm like, 'oh I don't really want to use it,' but I did just check and they have these cool max weighted blanket, so I think I'm definitely gonna have to check that out for these summer months when it's definitely more, more--less tolerable to sleep with a warm blanket on. 


But you guys, if you're--but I'm, you know, if you're somebody that really struggles with, you know, anxiety or depression or difficulty sleeping, I would definitely check it out and see how it works for you.


And this company--and I know there's several out there, but--this company has like a 30-day guarantee, which i think is pretty amazing. So and I, and I know within 30 days, I mean, I knew it was helping me. I knew much sooner than that that it was helpful.


So yeah, you guys, sleep is important. We all need sleep. It definitely can help, you know. When we're getting good quality--sleep can help decrease, you know, anxiety and depression.


So check out I put a link to it there, and I'll share some pictures and stuff of mine later. And so when I get home--I should have taken them before-- but I'll definitely share some pictures of it. It's really a great blanket, so definitely check it out.


And if you are struggling, if you are feeling like you need more help, I know there's been a lot in the news lately about, you know, suicide and death. And please reach out reach out for help if you're wanting to get some help, you know, with your anxiety or depression. Feel free to reach out to me.


I am starting a new a mom's group starting in August. And if you'd like to get on the list for that or get more information, please definitely send us an email at and we definitely will send you more information about that.


So I hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday and I look forward to talking to you soon. I have a great Facebook live next week, you guys. It's going to be awesome, so look for information about that.


So until next week, you guys, take care.


The Weighting Comforts blanket I tried is their Charcoal Weighted Blanket.  It's made of 100% cotton flannel.

For more information about Weighting Comforts weighted blankets, go to

And, for fun, check out the "big reveal" as my daughter and I unpack my new weighted blanket right here:


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