Best of the Blog: Here are the posts you loved most in 2017

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Well, moms and dads, it's been another interesting year! To honor the work we've done over the past year and to help usher in the new year, this week I thought I'd highlight the most popular blog content we've put out in 2017. These are the posts you've read and loved the most! 

And there definitely seem to be some running themes here. (Not that I'm surprised--these are the things that come up with my clients in my private practice too!) Popular topics include sex and intimacy, ways to make life less stressful, how to encourage and empower dads and partners, and how to deal with some pretty heavy real-world stuff like national tragedy and racism.

So, let's revisit them all now. 


In no particular order, these are the Best of the Happy With Baby Blog in 2017:


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Dear Momma, Your Priorities are Skewed!

This one was a bit of a rant on my part, but truly with your best interest at heart. Because while we moms are caring for everyone else, who is caring for us?


How to Cope When Your Partner Has Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is hard--and painful. But it's often overlooked that it is also hard for the partners of the ones suffering, who feel helpless, confused and are experiencing their own kind of pain.


19+ Smartphone Apps that Make Parenting Easier

Technology for the win! Because who doesn't love a good life hack?


7 Things All Moms Should Know About the Brain to Get Control Over Their Stress

Information you can actually use, without getting too science-y on you.


Sex After Baby: What's Normal?

Answers to the question on every new parent's mind, without the awkwardness of having to ask.


Where to Meet Your Mom Tribe and How to Actually Meet Them

Because, by now, you probably already know you need support. The challenge is actually getting it.


New Momma Worries, Part 1: What's Normal & How to Get Past Your Anxieties

Feeling anxious doesn't mean you're a defective parent and it isn't always Postpartum Anxiety. Sometimes we just need a few tricks for making things a little more manageable.


Ways Dad Can Help in the First Weeks of Parenthood and Why Mom Should Let Him

Most dads really want to be involved. They just don't always know where they fit in. (And, sometimes we moms have a hard time sharing the responsibility!)


Shaping Perceptions of Racial Diversity in Babies, Toddlers & Young Children

Because the time to start dismantling prejudice is always right now.


The Emotional Side of Potty Training

If only potty training was easy-breezy for everyone.


How to Parent When Your Heart is Broken

Until we live in a world where posts like this don't need to exist....


6 Ways to Not Take Things So Personally as a Mom

This was one of the last posts I wrote in 2017, but quickly became one of your favorites.


4 Ways to Feel Intimacy When You're All Touched Out

Far and away, one of my most popular posts of 2017. Clearly, moms are craving connection with their partners. Intimacy just might look a little different than you thought it would.


Well, there you have it!  Which was your favorite post of 2017?  Let me know in the comments below.



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