I am ENOUGH: Permission to Ease Up on the Busy-ness & Enjoy What Matters

I’m not perfect….but, I am enough.

It seems like a day doesn’t pass--shoot, who am I kidding--an hour doesn’t pass that I don’t think about all the things I HAVE to do. I am such a busy person. I have two kids, a husband, my own business, all of which need nurturing and demand my undivided attention. I have parents and in-laws and friends to stay connected with and support with my love and friendship. I have to-do lists and goals and…and…and…. Right? We all do. I’m not unique in all I have to do, so I’m sure this complaint of overwhelm sounds familiar.

I’m definitely not the first person to have these responsibilities and clearly not the last. This is the modern world we live in. It’s like we determine own self-worth by who’s busier than who. And it’s all relative. You don’t have to have a house full of kids or be a big-time entrepreneur to feel busy and overwhelmed.  

We all have “these things” we HAVE to do. We NEED to do. We WANT to do. We quantify them in lists and feel a sense of satisfaction when we cross one off, but that satisfaction is short-lived, only to be replaced by a new task (or three!) as soon as we think we’re catching up. Where does it end? When do I say, “No, I’m done. I can’t take on any more”? When is enough ENOUGH?

I am the only one that can make those choices. Taking on more and more things doesn’t not make me a better mother, a better wife, a better person.

 It makes me a tired, exhausted, frazzled human being that is no fun to be around. She yells more. She’s less fun. And she’s a not the example of valuing and taking care of myself that I want to set for my children.

It’s good for me to pause and remind myself of this. I can say no. I am enough.  

My sanity and happiness are as important (or moreso!) than all of these other tasks and opportunities. I am allowed to prioritize what matters.  

It’s also good for me to remember that saying no isn’t bad or rude or unprofessional or heartless. It is the opposite.

So for any of you parents out there that think that you have to take on more, do more, be more: Let me be the one that tells you, you don’t have to do more or be more than you already are.  

Your children need you to be present. They need your undivided attention. Not ALL the time. But some of the time. Put your phone down during dinner. Facebook can wait for an updated status.  The email doesn’t have to be sent right now. 15 minutes is just fine.  

Give yourself a break and don’t rush to get things done.


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