3 Tips in 3 Minutes ~ Supporting Dads

As promised, here’s Happy with Baby's “3 Tips in 3 Minutes,” where we're talking about three ways to support Dad when baby comes home.

Watch Here:


Please share in the comments below what you found most helpful as a new Dad, or how you support the new Dads in your life.


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My hubby REALLY appreciated having some guidance on what his role was. His Daddy 101 course let him know what the role was- and so he jumped into diaper changing and bathing with gusto while I was struggling with breastfeeding. It really helped him feel bonded to our son and reduced stress in that time as baby came home!
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Catherine O'Brien

That is awesome Mandy! I think it really helps to have guidance to give us the confidence in what we are doing. It is so important for our partners to feel like they have a roll especially when mom is breastfeeding and they may feel like they don't have "something". It definitely increases their bonding time and I love how you saw the benefits of working as a team. Thank you for sharing!!
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