Catherine O'Brien Interviewed on Her Life Unscripted with Anna Osborn

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Anna Osborn, a dear friend and colleague, on her podcast, Her Life Unscripted, all about new motherhood--its effects on our relationships with our partners, how our needs change even though our wants might stay the same, and the imperative of finding your tribe as a momma. 

Anna Osborn is a licensed psychotherapist for burnt-out women and stretched-thin mommas. She's a business owner, public speaker, and mother of twins in Sacramento, California who, in addition to producing her podcast, also hosts women's retreats. 

I met Anna by accident at a Peet's Coffee shop when I first became a mom and I swear it must've been meant to be. She's such a dynamic, understanding, supportive, and hilarious woman. 

But you don't have to take my word for it: Check out the interview here and listen in as we wax on about our experiences as moms (who also struggle from time to time--we're not immune!) and the commonalities we share with the women we have the honor to support.


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