Video Quick Tip: How to Date Your Partner

Are you struggling to find time for your partner now that you have a baby?

I'm Catherine O'Brien at and I know this reality all too well, both personally and professionally. Today, I just have one quick tip.  

It seems really simple and you might ask yourself, "Why haven't I thought of that before?" 

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Basically, it is to schedule a date night or a date afternoon or a date morning coffee--whatever it is--and have it set at a regular time every week, when you have a babysitter.  

You can arrange to have them come at the same time every week. And then all you and your partner have to do is to decide what you're going to do during that time.  

So often we think, "Oh, we're going to go out on a date," and we wait until the last minute to actually decide what we're going to do. And, then we scramble around to find someone to watch our child (I know, it is hard to sometimes even let somebody else watch our child). Often, we can't find anyone at that point and we end up doing nothing.  

So, my tip for today is to schedule regular childcare--whether it's monthly, bimonthly, or ideally, weekly. Then, all you have to do is decide what you're going to do during that time.

I hope this helps you. And if you have any other questions or need any other tips or tricks, feel free to check out our website at or shoot me an email here.


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