Survival Tips for Major Life Transitions

OMG, moving with kids is not easy.

I remember a time when I could be moved and unpacked in one weekend….Oh, the good old college days!  

It is definitely not the same with a husband and two kids. The end of 2015 was exhausting. We sold our home and moved into our new place. And, of course, the holidays are always a busy time. But, I can finally say we are all sleeping happily in our new rooms.

So, what’s the point of my little story?  

Well, of course, it goes back to some of the same things I always say. Moving is hard, just like having a baby is hard. Well, not exactly in the same way…but, the point is, it is a life transition and causes stress.  

So, I want to offer you some tips for dealing with life transitions and major stressors--whatever they may be for you:

1. Ask for help! 

It seems obvious, but I cannot tell you how many people I talk to that fail to do this. For many reasons, not the least of which is that they feel guilty for asking. PLEASE. DO. NOT. FEEL. GUILTY. (And yes, I’m screaming that at you the nicest possible way.) If someone cannot help you out, it is their job to say no--not yours to try and interpret what they really mean.

2. Get rest.  

This, of course, can be pretty tricky especially if you just had a new baby, but do whatever it takes. Order take-out. Have friends bring you meals. Don’t worry about vacuuming. Let some things go for now, or recruit friends or hire help to deal with it.

3. Reassess your expectations.  

Thinking you can be packed in moved in one weekend is totally not the norm...not for me anyway. So expecting to be able to do what we used to do is not realistic and sets us up for disappointment.

Remember, what we once could do, or what another mom or parent is doing doesn't mean we should do it the same way. Their situation, their results.  

Your situation might seem the same as someone else’s, or even the same as how you’ve done it in the past, but your situation right now is unique and you have to handle it accordingly. No comparing, no criticizing. Just give yourself what you need. 

Wishing you the best,


P.S. If you're struggling with managing your expectations, give me a call (916-718-9501) or send me an email ( today, I'd love to help you make your life transition easier.


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