Ways to Show Love to Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is a chocolate candy, and florist’s dream day, but it’s really about the heart and the thought. It is making sure your loved one’s know you care and love them. If it takes a holiday to get you to stop, that is fine. However, it is MORE important to make sure that you take the time to tell your partner, your children, your parents, whoever it is, how you feel about them all year long!

Believe me I know how hard it is to make special time to do the “Valentines Day” things. So this won’t be about that. 

How Do You Make Sure You Show Love To Them?

Do you text your partner at work to let you know you are thinking of them? 
Maybe you make your son or daughters favorite dinner? 
Do you call you parents on Thursday instead of the standard Saturday? 

Because it isn’t really about spending money or setting aside 1 or 2 “special days” a year - it’s about reaching out and letting them know you care, that they are thought of and loved EVERY DAY!

In working with new parents I know how difficult it is to get a date night with your partner when you have a new baby…with children, period. So often I am told, “well if I had any extra time, I just want to sleep.” Believe me, I know all too well that feeling. But it doesn’t have to be a big production. 

Some Simple Ways to Show How You Care

Remember don’t think too much about it …

  • Baby/toddler FREE moments to finish a meal 
  • Stop and pick up dinner every once in a while.
  • Tell your partner they look beautiful even though they have been up all night with the baby.
  • Taking over “bath” time with the kids for your partner
  • Uninterrupted time to just… be me 
  • Taking the time to write a card or email reminding them of the top five reasons you love them. FYI ~ This is a fabulous connector.
  • Cleaning the table after dinner
  • Doing the dishes
  • Playing with your child
  • Passionate kisses to spark the flame
  • Gift Certificate to 5 Car washes
  • Making his favorite meal
  • Tell your partner how much you appreciate them going to work each day for the family
  • Giving them a night out with the guys/girls (me time)
  • Buying their favorite candy bar
  • Buying them a new shirt, pants, etc, just because
  • Give a card expressing your love and gratitude – Use the top five reasons
  • One weekend a month WITHOUT the “honey do” list
  • Send a “thinking of you” text during the day
  • Surprise them with a date night. Get a babysitting for the entire night and use your imagination! J
  • You name it…

What are you going to do TODAY to show love to your partner…your child…yourself?

Love is a CHOICE – “the act of selecting or making a decision

Every day that you wake up, you have the option to “decide” to invest or make a deposit
in your relationship.

Love is an ACTION – “something done or performed habitually

Each day you have the opportunity to “show” your love with big and/or little actions


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