11 Things I've Learned From Having Children

11 things i've learned

So things have been ca-RAY-zyyYY busy in my neck of the woods lately. Not all work stuff. It has also been what I call “birthday season” in our house.

Somehow I managed to have kids with birthdays 2 weeks apart, plus both my parent-in-laws, brother-in-law, and my own mother all have birthdays. It’s hard to keep up.

But it really had me thinking. (Actually, I think about this every year at this time and many times in between.) About all the things I’ve learned…and am learning since I had my first child...and second.

1. That the best laid plans, are just that plans. 

I’m constantly having to tweak things according to ever changing nap schedules, potty breaks, Spanish class, karate, etc. 

Sometimes we are successful at doing what we need to do and sometimes we aren’t. That’s ok. Leads me to number 2.

2. It’s ok to cancel. 

To change my mind. Say this doesn’t work for my kids…my family…me. 

Having kids has really helped me to learn that I DON’T have to do it all.

3. That if you forget to change a diaper or forget to pack a change of clothes there is sure to be a BLOW OUT!!!! 

(Thank goodness for #7.)

4.  It’s OK to ask for help. 

I can’t do everything. I shouldn’t do everything. People want to help. Spend time with my kids. Fold my laundry (thanks mom and mom-in-law…I know, so LUCKY). 

There are no awards given to being the most stressed out parent!

5.  That spending quality time with your kids and husband is way more valuable than the quantity of time. 

For example, I just worked a full day of work and rushed home before bedtime. I had the most amazing 10 minutes with my daughter while I put on her nighttime diaper, and got her dressed for bed. 

That undistracted time, not worrying about what’s happening on Facebook, or who’s left me an important voicemail. 

Just me and my daughter being silly, and loving, and cuddly. Super priceless!!

6.  That self care is a NECESSITY!!!!! 

Again no awards given for never taking a break from my kids or household obligations, work tasks. 

They will still be there in a couple of hours, but man spending an afternoon with friends laughing, or time All. By. Myself. shopping, or getting a pedicure is so rejuvenating and extends my ability to cope with daily life events….so much better!

7.  Mom friends are priceless. 

You know those non-judgmental, supportive, caring, pick me up when I am struggling, watch my kids, when there is no one else to, validate when you want to vent about your husband. 

Yes! They’re priceless. I don’t think you can get through parenthood without them. (Hey mommas, you know who you are…THANK YOU!!!)

Oh and super bonus if their partner and yours like each other too!

8.  A supportive partner is invaluable. 

So BEYOND grateful for having a partner that is everything I did not know I would need to venture on this thing called parenthood with. 

That those things we disagree on can be talked about and figured out together. That when one of the kids is driving me a little more crazy that him, he can take over. That when there are numerous sleepless nights in a row, we can take turns getting up, hoping to get a little more rest. (Thank you so much for being my AMAZING partner…you know who you are too…oh and Happy Anniversary. That’s right, it’s anniversary season too!!)

9. That if you have to get up early for some reason your children will miraculously sleep in that day, but of course if you get to sleep in, they will be sure to get up before the sun. 

So if you need a nap take it. There’s no shame and getting sleep when you can. It’s a necessity. A well rested parents is a more patient parent. (Just ask my children)

10. That it really IS possible to be happy and sad at the same time. 

I love to watch my children get older and learn and experience new things, but there is a bit of grief at the loss of the stage before. That’s ok.

11.  That Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (etc.) are DC Comics and Ironman, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk (etc.) are Marvel Comics. 

I never would’ve known this if I did not have my son ;-) I just thought a superhero was a superhero, was a superhero. Silly me.

Thank you to my two precious children for teaching me this and so much more. 

I am grateful to learn new and exciting things daily (glad to be able to slow down and take it all in…ok a lot of it in). 

I truly never imagined what a parent’s heart could feel. Thank you for teaching me that I am smarter than I thought, stronger than I thought, have better intuition than I thought….and I CAN go up and talk to total strangers and make new friends.

Please share in the comments some of the wonderful things that your children have taught you.


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