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It’s hard to fathom the overwhelm, panic or rage you can feel at times as a mom until you become a mom yourself.  We have so much on our plates and we’re expected to do it all.  And even the most zen-like mommas can get rattled at times, when dinner is burning on the stove, the smoke detector is going off, the baby is crying, and you’re tripping over the dog….  Sometimes it feels like everything is happening all at once.

For most moms, it feels like there is a constant stream of stress--things to worry about, things to get done, things to make decisions about, not to mention people who need your attention every waking moment.  You might feel you are struggling to figure out how to find the calm and clarity that you once had (or maybe that you always wish you had).  The key is having the right tools in your back pocket to shift back to a place of serenity with a clear mind when it seems like you’re surrounded by chaos.

You’re invited to an evening full of learning and tools specifically designed for moms and moms-to-be who want more calm, clarity and connection in their everyday lives.

We will go through 5 categories (aromatics, breath, nature, nervous system, and energy work) in this class and share one or two specific tools for each to give you a concrete example of how to use that category in your everyday life when you feel the rush of stress come over your body.

Finding Your Calm As A Mom (3)

In this class, we'll learn how to trigger the calm response in order to regain mental clarity and emotional balance by tapping into limbic calming techniques that work from the inside out.

  • Learn how to meet the demands of your day without falling into overwhelm by keeping your biochemistry balanced and resilient.

  • Regain mental clarity and emotional balance by tapping into limbic calming techniques that work instantly.

  • Discover the tricks to shift our mental states back into a place of temperance after you’ve lost your cool and are spiraling down, to regain control and incisiveness in any situation.

Meet Your Host

Hey, I'm Catherine.

I'll be your host for this calming discovery. Don't worry, I’m here to make sure you’re well taken care of.

I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist, founder of Happy With Baby in Sacramento, CA, and busy wife and mom of two.

I understand the pressures our busy, productivity- and achievement-oriented culture puts on ALL women at every age and stage of life.

I think we all long for acceptance, connection, and fulfillment in our lives, and I’d venture to guess that we could all stand to slow down just a little.

I know the struggle first-hand.

I've created Finding Your Calm As A Mom Workshop from a place of compassion and understanding for moms who are struggling. Not only do I personally know how it feels but I also talk with women everyday who are grappling with the same struggles.

When we understand what our bodies are telling us, we can better meet our own needs.

We all know that if we wait on someone to give us permission to nurture ourselves, we'll be waiting forever.

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